Saturday, January 19, 2008

Demo web hosting site-hostgator

This hostgator review blog that you are reading now, is actually hosted with hostgator baby plan. Yes, i been using this hostgator shared hosting with lots of joy, the service uptime is wonderful and the website is loading in very fast speed. You can always use this review blog as a “hostgator demo” website… to try out hostgator hosting before you really buying it.

Why should you try before you buy? Well, you should. Should you try on a cloth before you buy it? Should you try using a laptop before you buying it? Yes, you are the customer and you have all the right to try it :) .. unfortunately you can’t when it come to web hosting. You can’t have your account before you paying the money. So sad? Not… this website is hosted with hostgator, and its my personal blog, and i paid my bills same as you do. And definately this blog is not own by hostgator, and its shall give you the best example/demo website from hostgator.

This blog also contains lots of hostgator features reviews, news update, hostgator coupon code, and also hostgator speed test report. It will also featuring hostgator uptime and hostgator downtime event in coming future.

Feel free to drop by to this hostgator hosted website, and try it out before you really paying for it. Use the hostgator coupon ‘HGC25′ and it will give you the hostgator baby plan first month for only $0.01 only.

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