Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hostgator review by a 22 year old webmaster.

HostGator.com is the 2nd host I have ever used and by far the best. To myself, it's very great hosting that I have used. Before buying it , I started about 3 months ago looking for the perfect host for my dating site and did a lot of research on the net. I considered many many hosts but due to the nature of my dating script I had limited hosts to pick from.. There support is briliant, extreamly fast and professional. I haven't experienced any down time and the server is very fast..

Hope this helps people looking for an ideal host. I wouldn't say they are the cheapest but you get one heck of a package for what you pay for and of course the realibilty, you get what you pay for... "
Reviewed by George at 2007-05-10.

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