Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hostgator Have A Fast Download And Upload Speed

“Most Reliable Hosting Provider”
This the tagline for hostgator hosting, they really provides reliable web hosting and with most uptime. I had been hosting with, and using the baby plan for 4 months now. Firstly started with hatchling plan, and later upgrade to baby plan. The upgrade is perform by hostgator support, and with no downtime happened to my website.

For the pass 120 days, i been visiting this hostgator reviews blog and working on it. I most impressed is that this hostgator hosted blog is always running and almost no downtime at all. Belief this is due to quality dns servers at hostgator. Hostgator is using multiple redundant dns server at few different location. Thus, ensure the best uptime for your website.

This hostgator baby plan i using now is also very good in features. Come with 100gb storage space, 1,000gb monthly bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited ftp accounts, unlimited email accounts, unlimited mysql databases, cpanel, fantastico, site builder, ecommmerce ready, SSH, curl, php 4 or php 5, crons job, streaming audio video etc.

You can get a first free month of hostgator baby plan for just $0.01, by entering the coupon code HGC25. If you ordering single month of baby plan, you only paying $0.01 in balance, after coupon discount. If you ordering more than one month, a value of $9.94 will be deducted from the total amount.

Hostgator server is fast. This is the fact that you need to know as well. Use this hostgator hosted blog to test out their server speed and mysql speed as well. From time to time, i did run some speed test for this host gator site. And the server is really reliable, even after 120 days of hosting. Simply as, hostgator only setup less than 100 accounts per server, a quad processor server with 4gb of RAM. Thats an impressive performance server.

Here is the latest hostgator speed test that i got. I using speed test tool to get the readings. And the stat shows that this blog is loading within 0.41 seconds. Impressively fast website loading time.

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