Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hostgator web hosting upgrade to 600GB web space

Hostgator hosting is in holiday sales promotion now and upgraded their shared hosting package. Hostgator shared/linux web hosting had been upgraded to as following:

* Hostgator hatchling $4.95: 350GB storage & 3,500GB monthly bandwidth
* Hostgator baby $7.95: 600Gb storage & 6,000GB monthly bandwidth & unlimited domain hosting.
* Hostgator swamp $12.95: 1,000Gb storage & unlimited bandwidth & unlimited domain hosting.

Hostgator baby plan and host gator swamp hosting plan allow you to host as many websites as you like. Either its 10 websites or 200 websites, it doesn’t matter. You can create as many unique websites as you like, each with own domain name.

During this hostgator sales/promotion, the hosting plan had been upgraded and the hosting price had been lowered as well. The hatcling plan is selling at $4.95/mo. For more discount and saving, you can use the Hostgator Coupon : SNOWMAN (expire Jan 1st) for Hostgator Discount up to $93.24 instantly. *Refer to the hostgator coupon section for most details.

Hostgator reseller hosting plan had been upgraded as well. Hostgator reseller aluminium plan come with 24GB storage. And hostgator diamond reseller plan come with 100Gb storage space. Choose the hostgator reseller hosting that suites your needs is getting much easier.

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