Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HostGator Positive Review by Aiolyfe

This positive review is from a thread over at WebHostingTalk.com by Aiolyfe.

I whole-heartedly recommend HostGator to anyone looking for a reseller hosting account. I personally have one and absolutely love it.

Aside from a great price for what you get, there is 24/7 tech support both email and 800 number. There have been times at 3 in the morning where I've made a bonehead maneuver and sent myself up the creek with no paddle. I emailed tech support and with the hour I had the answer.

Even in the middle of the day I get a very quick response. This level of tech support is EXTREMELY important when your lifeblood is the domains that are being hosted.

Also, when I setup a new domain and point the nameservers to it, I can sometimes start uploading to it within 10 minutes. I'm sure GoDaddy has something to do with that too, but HostGator's quality sure falls into the equation.

Yes, of course, they are easy to use, the reseller interface is intuitive, the domain speeds are very fast, the accounts come with every bell and whistle out there, my domains have never been down, yadda, yadda, yadda. Who can't claim these things these days...

But if you have dealt with multiple hosting companies on a professional level, you know that the deciding factpr comes down to the quality and competence on the people that work there.

I whole heartedly recommend you choose, or seriously consider, HostGator for your reseller hosting.

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